The everlasting and unchangeable I AM, the true God, God over all, blessed for ever; the eternal Son of God, God manifest in the flesh, really made flesh, and become incarnate; the true Messiah, the only Saviour of sinners; the one and only Mediator between God and man; the Head of the church, prophet, priest, and King, and the Judge of quick and dead; as also the light of the world he had declared himself to be: these are things that are necessary to be believed concerning Christ; indeed, carnal and unregenerate men may believe all these things; the devils themselves do, and tremble at them; but then they, and so unconverted men, have no faith in them, with an application of them to themselves: true faith in Christ deals not with him in a general way, but in a special regard to a man's self; it is a seeing of Christ for a man's self; it is not an implicit faith, or a believing him to be what he is, merely upon report, but upon sight; it is a going out of the soul to Christ, a renouncing its own righteousness, and a trusting in him alone for life and salvation; it is with the heart, and from it, and is unfeigned; it works by love to Christ, and his people, and is attended with the fruits of righteousness, and a cheerful obedience to the commands and ordinances of Christ. Dying in sin, and dying in Christ, are two widely different things. They that die in faith, die in Christ: they that die in unbelief, die in sin; and this is a dreadful dying.

The Jesus Christ of the Jehovah’s Witnesses is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible. The salvation of the Watchtower Society is not the salvation of the Bible. Even their Bible is altered and corrupt! The Deity of Jesus Christ and His grace have been tampered with.

We all need the right Jesus Christ in order to have the right salvation. Why not turn to the true Jesus Christ, truly God and truly man, and call out to Him (not some organization) for your salvation. He will never turn you away, but will receive you as His child. You will know, once and for all, that you are saved, and no one can take it away from you. Enjoy an eternity filled with blessings.

Jesus is God incarnate - John 1:14.

The truth of God’s Word necessitates that we must come to an understanding in which all Scripture is unified, interconnected, interdependent, inerrant and true. That unifying truth can be found only in the person and deity of Jesus Christ. May we see the truth revealed in Scripture as it is, not as we would each have it to be, and may God receive all the glory.