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Jesse Showalter

Breaking The Mold Part 2 | E-Commerce Product Page

10 ча назад

Today we are going to design an E-Commerce Product page. We will be trying to break out of the norm of white backgrounds with a simple image gallery and ...

Creative Q&A with Von Glitschka

5 дн назад

Von Glitschka is a designer, illustrator, and avid pursuer of all things creative. Von is creative director of Glitschka Studios, a multidisciplinary design firm in the ...

Raising Your Rates & Decreasing Effort with Elementor

1 нед назад

How do you raise your rates? It's a common thought. In this episode, I address the most common questions about raising your rates as a designer or developer.

Building an Office & Launching a Side Project | Jesse Showalter Vlog

2 нед назад

I am having such a busy week. I am building a new office in the backyard, and when I say building I mean with my own two hands. I'm also launching my big ...

Makers & Shakers Creative Community | Launch Announcement

3 нед назад

What is Makers & Shakers? Makers and Shakers is an exclusive online community for aspiring and experienced creatives of all types. Create, share, discuss ...

Y-Productive Productivity App

1 меc назад

Improving productivity is hard. Digital work is full of distractions. So today we are taking a look at Y-Productive, an app geared towards changing your behavior.

Setting My 2019 Goals

1 меc назад

Goals are a necessity if you want to achieve anything this year. I know some people who set really firm goals with timelines and micro goals, but I like to start out ...

Designer Giveaway Winners

1 меc назад

Today I announce the winners of the 2018 Designers Christmas Giveaway. There were around 2000 entries and lots of cool prizes to win. Winners will be sent ...

The State of Design Tools in 2018

2 меc назад

With so many design tools these days, how do you wade through the waters of technology? Sketch for mac, Figma, Invision studio... which one is the right choice ...

2018 Designers Christmas Giveaway

2 меc назад

Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas to you all. During this awesome holiday season, I am running a free Christmas Giveaway where you can win all sorts of ...

Breaking The Mold | Part 1 The Homepage Hero

2 меc назад

Today we are going to design the home page header section often referred to as the "hero", but in this new series, we will be trying to break out of the typical ...

Webflow E-Commerce | Walk Through & First Impressions

3 меc назад

Today I am taking a look at Webflows new E-Commerce Functionality. It's in beta right now and allows users to create and integrate a full-blown shopping ...

Front-end Development vs Back-end Development

3 меc назад

Front-end development vs back-end development... what's the difference? Web Development is about building websites and applications. It's not about the ...

One Year Working Remote

3 меc назад

I have officially been workin remote now for one year. It's been a huge change for my family, schedule, lifestyle and also my character. Having now spent 365 ...

The Non-Designers Design Book | Book Review

3 меc назад

Today I am taking a look at the Non Designer Design Book By Robin Williams. One of the best books out there to learn the basics of graphic design from the ...

Deposits for Designers

3 меc назад

A lot of new designers make the rookie mistake of being too timid to ask their clients for a deposit. Maybe it's fear, lack of confidence, or simple ignorance, not ...

Intro to Figma - Beginners guide to Figma Basics

3 меc назад

Figma is one of my favorite digital design softwares of all time. If you're just starting out with Figma or debating on whether you should make the switch this ...

Design Portfolio Review & Critique | Part 6 🖌️

3 меc назад

Today is part 6 in the Design Portfolio Series. This series focuses on constructively critiquing your submitted Design Portfolios with a focus on how to make your ...

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Designers w/ Francesco of Keep Productive

4 меc назад

Today I have a guest on the channel. Francesco run a channel called Keep Productive and is an expert at productivity. In this video he is gonna drop some ...

Better Icons with Sketch Layer Styles

4 меc назад

Managing Icons has always been a hassle. Even in prior version of Sketch, creating and managing an icon library was a bit of a hassle. If you are an avid Sketch ...

How to Quote Clients for Website

4 меc назад

How much do you quote a client for a website project??? Hourly?, Flat fee? Value Based? In this video I cover my 4 part formula for coming to my quotes for ...